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Shilpa Vohra
Mrs. Shilpa Vohra is a Corporate trainer, Motivational speaker, Communication & Behavioral Skills expert and Faculty with leading Management colleges.
She is also promoter director  of Narind Finvest Pvt. Ltd. Shilpa has 16 years of work experience in the industrial and education sector.

Shilpa has a Masters degree in Management ,M.S. in Psychological Counseling, M.Phil. in management and is a NLP practitioner .

A Corporate trainer, Motivational speaker, Communication expert ,Faculty with leading colleges like Amity Global Business School, ITM Executive Program,IIPM,NMITD, NMIMS, WLC,GMCS module trainer for CA students etc. . Her areas of expertise are Sales Excellence programs, Behavioral / Soft skills , NLP, Motivation and Team Building, Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence.

Shilpa’s profound yet simple teachings have helped many tap into their inner reservoir, helped them discover potential within  and find greater fulfillment in their personal and professional  lives.

Excellent group facilitation skills make her training programs enriching and learning experience for the trainees. Shilpa’s training educates, motivates, energizes and her programs are entertaining, engaging and inspiring.

22 Jan 2011 Training Programe :
‘Leadership, Emotional and Social Intelligence ’

Great Learning Experience.
Mr. Partha P. Das
Deputy Vice- President AXIS Bank

Very good experience and great learning.
Mr. N. Gokula Krishnan
Deputy Vice- President AXIS Bank

Very introspective and interactive session.
Mr. Anil B. Thube
Deputy Vice- President AXIS Bank

This was my first experience for such kind of training and I learnt a lot.I will also try to change and implement these concepts.
Mrs. Neelima Thorat
Deputy Vice- President AXIS Bank

Very fulfilling session.
Mr.V. Sethuraman
Deputy Vice- President AXIS Bank

Very good Experience with different techniques used and explained.
Mr.Kaunty Bhatt
Deputy Vice- President AXIS Bank

Just one word ‘EXCELLENT’
Mr. Nester P. Silveira
Deputy Vice- President AXIS Bank

Arvind Ltd. Nov 15 2010
Training Programe:
"Self awareness & motivation"

• “The session is very useful for our life and our team work. It is very important to develop our attitude and our nature. Always think positive for other person.” Chandrakant T Ravat
Arvind Ltd.

• “Program is excellent! Self Improvement, Team Work and Work with planning are the most useful session.” Modi Chetan K
Arvind Ltd.

• “Each session was good and useful because of which our confidence level was very high.”
Dilip M Patel
Arvind Ltd.

• “The most useful session was on effectiveness of activities – There is something to learn and improve our inner strength.”
Vijay Mehta
Arvind Ltd.

• “This session was very wonderful and impressive as it helps in our personal and professional life. It is a very good learning experience!”
Bhavin Patel V
Arvind Ltd.

• “To achieve GOAL, the required program must be clear. The implementation way is important.”
Nilang G Shah
Arvind Ltd.

• “Very good program for self motivation and team also.” Abhishek Singh
Arvind Ltd.

• “It was excellent learning experience for me.”
Satish S Mun
Arvind Ltd.

• “Really got motivated by the program and got to know where to improve.”
Mohnish C Gaud
Arvind Ltd.

• “Motivation and Self Awareness is an excellent program for our life and job.”
Dipak Brahmbhatt
Arvind Ltd.

• “Very useful for our future work and life.”
Dhananjay Rawat
Arvind Ltd.

• “The Program gives us the power to resolve the problems and also how to take task and complete with the help of team work.”
Samir Kapdia
Arvind Ltd.

• “The most useful session was on team work and various methods of communication. It helps us in our personality development.”
PA Bhuyan
Arvind Ltd.

• “Excellent Session of learning and knowing myself.”
Saikat Sengupta
Arvind Ltd.

• “All the sessions are very good and we can use it in our daily personal and professional life.”
Brahmananda Barik
Arvind Ltd.

• “Excellent Session! It will definitely very useful to our personal as well as professional life.”
Vimal M Chauhan
Arvind Ltd.

• “I learnt a lot of things. Listening to other’s – a great act. Try to motivate yourself at each area.”
Tarlekar BM
Arvind Ltd.

• “The training was very good for self development.”
Rajesh P Bodhale
Arvind Ltd.

• “This Training Program is very useful for my future development.”
Sandeep K Singh
Arvind Ltd.

• “It is a very good learning program & self improvement.”
Moradia Hiren S
Arvind Ltd.

Available now at flipkart and leading book stores.
Available now at flipkart and leading book stores.

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Manish Vohra

Mr. Manish Vohra
is the founder of Narind Finvest Pvt.Ltd. An Author, poet, business consultant and successful Entrepreneur.
Mr. Manish has graduated with B.Com. Hons from St Xavier’s College, Calcutta. He is a Chartered Accountant and  M.M.S. from Mumbai University. Having obtained his Masters in Management, he then proceeded to work as a Management Trainee with Tata Finance Ltd for a brief period.

Manish Vohra’s interest in human consciousness, healing techniques and secrets hidden in ancient scriptures began16 years ago. Studies of several ancient spiritual traditions helped him to understand life and its true meaning. It was his meeting with pujya sage Chandra Swami Udasin which served as a catalyst and helped him, intensify his japa and contemplation practices.

Recognizing the need for unveiling the secrets behind personal transformation, Manish has written his book “Explore your potential – A journey through eastern mysticism” to present powerful methods of self-transformation to people from all walks of life.
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